BSNL introduces new broadband plan Rs125 per month

Introduction of Broadband Home Plan125

BSNL has decided to introduce a new Broadband Home Plan125 as per details given below:

Bandwidth: 256 Kbps/ up to 2 Mbps
Single User
Monthly Charges: Rs 125
Download/ Upload Limit Per month: 150 MB
Additional usage charges / MB
beyond free download/ upload limit:
Rs. 0.90
Free E-mail IDs/ Space: 1 / 5 MB
Minimum Hire period: Three Months
Security Deposit: NIL

Other terms and conditions :

  • The monthly charges for modems & their sale price shall remain be the same as for existing plans.
  • The download limit shall be sum of upload and download data volume
  • The above rates are exclusive of Service Tax which will be charged as per prevailing rates;
  • All other terms and conditions will remain same.
  • The above tariff will be effective from 1st March, 2008

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8 Responses to BSNL introduces new broadband plan Rs125 per month

  1. Alwin George says:

    I am like this plan

  2. sreekumar says:

    rs 125 good good very very good

  3. Jagdish Yellapur says:

    Rs 125 Good plan like me bcoz of daily i m using 2-3 mb.

  4. Jagdish Yellapur says:

    yes good plan rs 125

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  7. haris says:

    wht z the browsing limit in this can any1 tel me?

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