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UTStarcom Awarded Contract From United Telecoms Ltd. for Broadband Network Triple Play Solution
UTStarcom continues broadband momentum with first deployment of IPTV, GEPON and NGN solutions on a single network (May 8, 2008)

Verimatrix Enables Secure Delivery of Premium Content for IOL Netcom’s Unique On-Demand IPTV Business Model
IOL Subscribers View VCAS-Protected Content on TV and PC with ViewRight PC Player (May 5, 2008)

Vanita Kohli-Khandekar: The multiplexing of TV
Business Standard, India (May 5, 2008)

IPTV providers approach TRAI, Broadcasters charge 3-times high fee
TT Correspondent – New Delhi (Apr 30, 2008)


CONNECTIONS Europe Summit Series 2008
Join Parks Associates and Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) at the CONNECTIONS Europe Summit Series, two strategic events dedicated to the discussion and analysis of new business models for emerging services, applications, and advanced digital technologies.

IPTV World Forum 2009
The World’s Leading IPTV Event – over 5500 attendees in 2008

ANGA Cable
Europe´s leading Exhibition and Congress for Cable, Broadband & Satellite, takes place in Cologne/Germany (May 27-29, 2008)

CeBIT Australia 2008
Darling Harbour, Sydney (May 20-22, 2008)

Taipei, Taiwan (Jun 3-7, 2008)

The NAB Show – Telecom 2008
Las Vegas (Apr 14-17, 2008)

International Engineering Consortium presents Software + Network = SOFNET (Apr 28 – May 1, 2008)


IPTV Strategy – The Game Is On
By Jonathan Tombes, Editor (May 1, 2008)

IPTV will continue to be a low-value service
Richard Hadley, Senior Analyst (Apr 18, 2008)

IPTV Gathering Steam: Almost 10 Million Television Over Broadband Subscribers Worldwide
A new report from Telecommunications Management Group, Inc. (TMG), “IPTV: The Killer Broadband Application,” forecasts that there will be nearly 60 million Internet Protocol television (IPTV) subscribers worldwide by the end of 2010.

Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) IPTV Market 2007 Review and 2008-2012 Forecast and Analysis
Claudio Checchia, Ae-Lee Kim, Elain Yi, Annie Yang (Apr 2008)

The High-Water Mark for Interactive Cable
Daniel A. Taylor, Anette Schaefer, Anton Denissov (May 06, 2008)

Worldwide IPTV equipment sales up 47% in 2007
IPTV News (Apr 23, 2008)

Global IPTV: Market Analysis and Forecast to 2011
RNCOS (Nov, 2007)

IPTV Multimedia Networks: Concepts, Developments, and Design
IEC Publications (Jun, 2007)

Triple Play: Building the converged network for IP, VoIP and IPTV
John Wiley and Sons Ltd (Apr, 2008)

World IPTV Access Infrastructure Market Insight
Frost & Sullivan (Mar, 2008)

The IMS Research study IPTV: A Global Market Analysis – 2008 Edition
As a whole, an estimated 13.2 million households received IPTV service in 2007 with nearly 8.4 million IP-enabled set-top boxes shipping worldwide.


The HomePNA Alliance develops triple-play home networking solutions for distributing entertainment data over both existing coax cable and phone lines. The Alliance creates internationally recognized, open and interoperable standards and best practices. By providing data rates up to 320 Mbps with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), HomePNA technology enables service providers to meet and drive the growing demand for new multimedia services such as IPTV and VoIP to the home. HomePNA technology also provides consumers with the many benefits of “no-new-wires” home networking.

Sigma Designs
Sigma Designs develops and markets high performance, highly integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) semiconductors for the following key markets: (1) IPTV (video over IP) Set-top Boxes (2) Blu-ray Players/Recorders (3) HDTVs (4) Digital Media Adapters (5) Portable Media Players (6) UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Connectivity Products

Chipset solutions for MULTIMEDIA home networks. CopperGate is the leading provider of standards-based home networking chipsets for the reliable networking and distribution of multimedia entertainment content throughout the home over coaxial cables and phone lines. CopperGate products, integrated into gateways, optical network terminals and set-top boxes, are key components enabling the deployment of IPTV services by major service providers.

Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement – Nielsen Media Research
Television today is no longer a distinct medium, but a form of information and entertainment that connects multiple platforms and reaches audiences at every possible touch point. With our Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2) strategy, we acknowledge again Nielsen’s important responsibility to the television industry. We recognize that a well-measured medium is a more valuable medium. And we understand that our measurements of emerging technologies will help the industry develop new business models.

IneoQuest’s IQPinPoint Advanced Quality and Service Assurance Solution for IP Video enables Service Providers to improve video quality and control unbounded IPTV operational expenses (OPEX). Predict, detect, isolate and resolve faults in live IPTV networks by combining real-time remote troubleshooting with management of hundreds to thousands of live simultaneous video programs.

Pixelmetrix EndGame is the Quality Management Solution for IPTV, which the company believes to be the first truly End-To-End IPTV Quality of Service monitoring solution. EndGame provides IPTV Content Aggregators and IPTV Operators with a suite of tools spanning the entire content delivery chain, allowing operators to track Quality of Service problems from a single customer, back through the network right to the headend.

World leader in broadband powerline communication. Founded in 1998, Design of Systems on Silicon S.A. (DS2), is the leading supplier of silicon and software for Power line Communications (PLC) and the first company to develop and market PLC chipsets delivering data rates of up to 200 Mbps. These award winning, high-performance, highly versatile, low cost chipsets are the chips of choice on the market for ultimate performance, feature rich, low cost Power Line Communications (PLC) modems and consumer electronic appliances.

SeaChange International
SeaChange International is a leading provider of software applications, services and integrated solutions for the management and monetization of Video on Demand (VOD), digital advertising, and content acquisition. By partnering with leading cable and telco companies and broadcasters, SeaChange delivers the revenue-generating, churn-reducing applications, media services, and servers operators need to differentiate their offerings and create strong customer loyalty.

AirTies develops and markets wireless products that provide 4 fundamental services (high speed internet access/ADSL, Wireless LANs, internet based telephony/VoIP, WiFi phones and internet based television/IPTV) for service providers, small businesses and consumers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

Sun Streaming System
The Sun Streaming System delivers quick-to-market, personalized video services on the most reliable, efficient, and scalable IPTV platform available. Sun’s flexible x64 portfolio of servers and storage systems lets you enter emerging markets at a low cost for first-subscriber roll-outs and rapidly scale as subscribers and services grow. Deployed as edge servers, or as a centralized or hybrid networking model, the Sun Streaming System gives you video caching, streaming, and optical transport all in an integrated IP streaming system.

Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
Manufacturer of High Quality Film and Digital Broadcast Equipment. With the most comprehensive suite of products for IPTV Headends, Network / Video Operation Centers and Video Hub Offices, Evertz is relied on as a leading supplier of equipment and solutions for IPTV applications.

Tilgin is a leading technology company focused on customer premises equipment (CPE) for the Triple Play market; IP set-top boxes, IP residential gateways and associated management applications. As such, we deliver solutions for not only advanced video streaming but also voice. We also solve the complex service quality and provisioning issues that arise when a single broadband connection is used for all types of communication and entertainment services.

Mariner Partners, Inc.
Accelerating IPTV Innovation: frostt Applications Platform – Delivering the IPTV Promise – A Whitepaper by Trent Pomeroy and Curtis Howe

Protecting the IPTV/VoD infrastructure
Depending on where you live, IPTV (IP Television) and video on demand (VoD) are already here or coming soon. Such services can create security risks. Although IPTV/VoD does not run over the public internet, it is an IP-based service, subject to the same hackers, threats and vulnerabilities that plague email and internet access.


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  2. […] deployment of IPTV, GEPON and NGN solutions on a single network May 8, 2008 http://www.prnewswire.https://netsolns.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/iptv-news-events-trends-and-technology/INSERTING and REPLACING MegaPath Broadband MPLS VPN Service Surpasses 20,000 Sites Business Wire via […]

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