Apple iPod Touch – the poor man’s iPhone 3G?

Recently Mobile Magazine raised a very pertinent issue: Apple iPod Touch offers nearly all the features of Apple iPhone 3G at a fraction of the price.

How Can Apple Differentiate the iPod touch?

Michael Kwan
Sep 03, 2008

While the exact dimensions of this portable media player are slightly different than its mobile phone counterpart, the two devices were largely identical. Under both circumstances, you were offered a multi-touch display, several gigabytes of storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The kicker was that you could get double the capacity for the same price if you opted for the iPod touch over the Apple iPhone.

With the arrival of the iPhone 3G and all sorts of network operator subsidies, the price differential between the iPhone and the iPod touch ceased to exist. Yes, you could still look to countries where there aren’t subsidies associated with a new cell phone contract — the iPhone 3G costs about $700 in India — but by and large, the iPhone has become cheaper than the iPod touch. You just have to deal with a monthly bill. And therein lies the biggest differentiator.

The iPhone 3G Sans Cell Phone, Sans 3G

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who are not prepared to pay $70 or more for their monthly cell phone bills.

Strangely, I find very few (if any) ads for the iPod touch. Everyone knows that it exists, to be sure, but Apple doesn’t pump our minds full of a marketing blitz over the device. I get the burning suspicion that Apple isn’t terribly interested in getting you terribly interested in the iPod touch. Steve Jobs and crew would rather you pick up an iPhone instead, because they get all that residual income from your monthly subscriber fees.

For more details of the new second generation iPod Touch, click here:

Also see the page on iPhone 2.1 software update for iPod Touch:

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If we need a decent media player, Internet connectivity and have easy access to a WiFi hotspot, then the iPod Touch with iPhone 2.1 software update might be a decent deal compared to the high priced iPhone 3G (8Gb Rs.31,000, 16GB Rs.36,100). We can carry our old mobile phone for calls and SMS.


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