Qualcomm’s Kayak “PC alternative” pictured

Nov 17, 2008

Qualcomm’s Kayak “PC alternative” pictured

John Morris (Nov 13, 2008)


Qualcomm Kayak

Here’s a picture of Kayak, the “PC alternative” for emerging markets that Qualcomm announced yesterday. It looks pretty much the way the company described it: sort of a cross between the Apple Mac Mini–bring your own monitor, keyboard and mouse–and the OLPC’s XO laptop with its rabbit-ear antennae.

Qualcomm Kayak

Qualcomm Kayak

Kayak has received a lot of coverage in the past 24 hours (here’s the Kayak press release), but it’s a bit misleading. Qualcomm isn’t going to start building netbooks. This device is a prototype that Qualcomm is demonstrating today at its analysts’ day in New York. The company hopes PC manufacturers, or more likely wireless carriers, will use this Kayak design to quickly build their own low-cost devices for markets such as India, China and South America using Qualcomm’s chips.

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